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We Connect Young Professionals That Are Looking For Love

Are you ready to meet your life partner? Matched With Love was created to help single young professionals find long-term relationships. We use our personalized approach to help you find your true match.

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Matchmaking and Date Coaching Firm

Matched With Love is a matchmaking and date coaching firm that was created to help young professionals find love. The firm is located in St. Louis, Missouri, but welcomes singles that live in other states to join our complimentary network to have first access to our events and the opportunity to be matched with a Matched With Love client. Members can also sign-up for individual date coaching sessions!


Matched With Love helps their clients find long-term relationships by understanding their personality traits, life goals, and relationship needs through personal assessments, detailed interviews, and date coaching sessions. Once Matched With Love understands their clients history and goals, the firm coordinates dates with potential partners that match their interests and goals. You can join Matched With Love by filling out our form, where you can choose to learn more about being a client, join our complimentary network, sign-up for individual date coaching sessions or book a dating profile and business photo shoot!


What We Offer

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OPTION 1: Join our Network of Singles for FREE

You will have first access to our Matched With Love events and we will let you know if one of our clients is your match

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OPTION 2: Become a Matched With Love Client

This service includes personalized assessments, detailed interviews, curated introductions to hand-selected vetted matches, and date coaching sessions

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OPTION 3: Individual Date Coaching Sessions

Matched With Love offers individual date coaching. We work to understand your dating history; goals; values, morals and attraction; attachment styles; and more

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Ready To Find Love? Submit This Form!

When submitting our form you can choose to become a member, learn more about being a matchmaking client, sign up for individual date coaching sessions or book a dating profile and business photo shoot! The form takes less than two minutes to fill out. Join Matched With Love to meet your true match! If you have any questions, you can email us at


"You have to make love a priority in your life. You have to believe it's possible for you. And the more you believe it's possible, the more likely it will actually happen. All you have to do is bridge the gap between where [you are] today and where [you] want to be."

— Lorna Poole

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