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Let’s talk about Matchmaking

Matched With Love promotes its mission statement within its own name and slogan. We infuse our love, care, and dedication into your journey to find love. We believe in the deep power of love, commitment, and longevity. Matched With Love creates relationships where vulnerability is celebrated, doubts are diminished, and hope is restored for all who are wavering. We are dedicated to reestablishing a world where love prospers and people feel excited to think about “forever” with one another. Our matchmaker and dating and relationship coach use a personalized approach where we take into consideration your dream qualities in a partner and guide you in your quest to find them. We vet each of your prospective matches thoroughly to ensure that you are meeting with other committed individuals who are also ready to find their true match.

Our guess is that, when you think of “matchmaking”, you might think of several different things. Maybe, you picture large corporations like, Hinge, or Tinder that use algorithms and value assignments to connect two parties. Maybe, you think about the endless rom-coms where “hopeless” singles are portrayed as lonely individuals being set up by concerned friends and family. Or, maybe you even visualize our friend Cupid, floating around with his arrows and shooting people in the rear, starting their involuntary love story. Let’s stick these two singles together and see how it goes. In each of these pathways to love there is little intention or thought put into the process. In actuality, how many of these anecdotes actually end up in “happily ever after”?

From our work, we have identified and observed a few important things about current dating sentiments. We know many single people are exhausted. Dating has become an emotionally, mentally, and financially taxing chore for many. How many blind dates, failed dating app matches, and holiday interrogations from mom does it take before someone gives up and throws in the romance towel? But hold on. What if we told you we could eliminate most of the emotional labor and work that is required to date these days?

This is where personalized matchmaking comes in. Matchmaking offers a sturdier and more foundational bridge between an individual and their prospective match. The majority of dating apps base “compatibility” on age, location, and physical appearance. We know without a doubt that a foundational relationship is built on much more. We take multiple factors into consideration when we are matching you: communication style, daily habits, life goals, childhood upbringing, profession, past relationship experiences, personal values, among so much more. While this may seem like an involved process to embark on, the matchmaking journey is practically stress-free. No need to incessantly swipe through random people, no uncertainty over who initiates contact or when, and no pressure to present yourself in a certain way. Our matchmaker and dating and relationship coach have that all covered. The matchmaking journey incorporates a real and tangible “middleman”, whose goal is to steer you in the direction of compatible love and emotional safety with another human. Through assessment tools, interpersonal meetings, and 1-on-1 coaching, we gather the proper information needed to bring you together with a truly compatible counterpart.

Finding the right life partner is one of the most important decisions you may ever make in your life. Let’s put this into perspective! Think about any other life-defining decision - buying a home, making a medical decision, financial planning etc. All of these considerations are made with the participation of a doctor, a financial planner, a real estate agent, all giving presence and attention to the personal decision at hand. Each of these are facilitated with an intermediate helper whose main objective is to help guide you and provide the resources you need to be successful. The most important relationship of your life should be given, at least, the same amount of attention and care.

Singles who are searching for a companion need a trained professional who knows how to scope out aligned values, compatible attachment styles, and corresponding communication behaviors. The fact of the matter is: most people do want a degree of love and companionship in their life. Much of this inherent desire for love is part of our human nature to connect with those around us. To see and be seen. To share a life with someone. To co-create a future with someone that supports our goals and dreams. We want someone to be witness to our own journey and to cherish us unconditionally along the way. Many of us strive for a love that is characterized by reliability, consistency and longevity. Love may be one of the most powerful and impactful emotions we experience in our entire lifetime. Falling in love should feel effortless and exciting. The relationship that embodies that emotion should be one that is delicately and intentionally chosen. Let us help you with that part.


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