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At Matched With Love, we work with our clients on matchmaking and date coaching. Through our personalized matchmaking approach, we intentionally match our clients with potential partners that have common interests and life goals. Our strategy follows an action plan and a process designed to fit your personality, while keeping your security, and privacy needs in mind. In addition to our main packages, we offer Individual Date Coaching Sessions, Online Dating and Business Photo Shoots and Additional Services. You can find descriptions of our services on this page.

So, are you wondering what is matchmaking?

Matchmaking is the process used to connect single people with intentional and compatible matches. The purpose of matchmaking is to form relationships that lead to marriage or a long-term companionship.


Here is an overview of Matched With Love's Matchmaking Process:

  1. The Form: Our clients fill out our contact form and select "Matchmaking Client, please contact me."

  2. The Questionnaire: We will send you an email with the Matched With Love Questionnaire, which includes additional questions so that we can add you to our network (if it is not in your inbox, check promotions, social and spam)

  3. Book A Consultation: We will contact you to set up a consultation meeting. During this meeting, we will make sure that Matched With Love is a good fit. If we are a good fit, we will recommend one of our matchmaking and date coaching packages

  4. Discovery: Following the consultation meeting, we will meet with you to understand your interests and relationship needs

  5. Our Work Begins: The Matched With Love team uses our resources to find our client's match

  6. Date Coaching: Our client will schedule sessions with our date coach

  7. Date Time: We will set up your dates with your match. We include additional services​ in our premium packages

Note: At this time, we are only offering matchmaking services to clients based in Missouri. However, the good news is, if you live outside of Missouri, you can join Matched With Love's complimentary network of singles and sign-up for individual date coaching sessions and additional services. Matched With Love has the right to refuse a potential client following the consultation call. If this is the case, we will give you recommendations on next steps.

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Choose a Membership Type

NOTE: Matched With Love also offers online dating and business photo shoots! Find out more here.

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OPTION 1: Join our Network of Singles

When you become a complimentary member, you will have first access to Matched With Love events and we will let you know if one of our clients is your match

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OPTION 2: Become a Matched With Love Client

This service includes personalized assessments, detailed interviews, curated introductions to hand-selected vetted matches, and date coaching sessions

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OPTION 3: Individual Date Coaching Sessions

Matched With Love offers individual date coaching. We work to understand your dating history; communication style; goals; values; attachment styles; and more

What We Do: Services

Matched With Love Packages

Personalized matchmaking service and date coaching sessions


Are you tired of dating apps and ready for a relationship? Through assessments, detailed interviews, social science, and coaching we get to know what our clients are looking for and match them with those who are compatible. As a matchmaking client, you will work with a dedicated and strategic matchmaker and receive a personalized match search, coordinated dates with hand-selected and vetted matches, date coaching sessions, and more. After our consultation call, Matched With Love will recommend a package tailored toward your specific needs.​

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Individual Date Coaching Sessions

Individual date coaching sessions are 60 minutes with our date and relationship coach, Jasmine Mauss. If you choose to be a matchmaking client, you will receive at least three date coaching sessions as a part of your matchmaking package.

Are you interested in Individual Date Coaching Sessions? At Matched With Love, we cover your dating history and goals; values and attraction; attachment styles; love languages and connection; and more in our coaching sessions. If you would like to learn more about our date coaching sessions, select "Individual Date Coaching Sessions" on our membership form and we will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.

Individual Date Coaching Sessions
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Online Dating and Business Photo Shoot

Do your online dating or business images need to be updated? Matched With Love offers online dating and business photo shoots!

Social media and smartphones have made the world even more image conscious. The stakes are even higher when it comes to the photos you use for online dating and business. In order to make your dating profile stand out, you will need quality photos that represent who you are. Good news, we offer online dating photo shoots! With this service, you will be able to work with an experienced local photographer, Claire Bira Forrest (Claire Forrest Films), to capture images that show your personality so your dating profiles pop! You can even use some of your images on your LinkedIn page for business! If you're located in St. Louis, our photographer will meet you for a 30-minute photo shoot with two outfits. Note: This service is also included in our Matched With Love packages.


Interested in learning more about our online dating and business photo shoots? Select "Online Dating and Business Photo Shoot" on our membership form and we will reach out to you with more information.

Additional Services


Matched With Love's additional services include:

  1. Relationship coaching

  2. Online profile review

  3. Image consultation

  4. Style advice for dates

  5. Group coaching

Note: If you would like to move forward with an additional service, choose "Matchmaking Client, please contact me" on our membership form.

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