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Our Love Stories

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Darci's Love Story

"I met my husband, Ricardo, almost a decade ago when we attended the University of San Diego. We passed each other on campus and on occasion attended the same social gatherings, but never met. Three weeks before Ricardo graduated he asked me out on a date. After going to dinner, we spent hours talking about our interests and experiences. That summer, we were inseparable while we explored San Diego and fell in love. After an amazing summer together, we faced the unfortunate reality that he would be moving to Indiana to attend law school and we would be thousands of miles apart from each other. From that point on, we began planning when and how we could continue our relationship. As difficult as it was leaving each other that summer and beginning a long distance relationship, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and knew that our love would grow despite the distance. The four years of distance were filled with fun vacations, weekend commutes (sometimes traveling during snow storms), FaceTime dates, holidays with each other’s families, spring breaks, summer internships in St. Louis and moves from San Diego, Indiana, Washington, D.C., Jefferson City, and ultimately, to St. Louis. After living on opposite sides of the country, and obtaining four degrees between us, we finally landed together in St. Louis, full-time! After a few more years, we ended up getting married and currently live together happily in St. Louis with our two dogs!” - Darci Roberts, Founder and Professional Matchmaker, Matched With Love

Jasmine's Love Story

“Not your everyday love story! We met years ago when we were on a dating app. We both had a love for freedom and flexibility, and thus, kept things casual for a very long time. There was much maturing and growing that was due on both sides, and thankfully, we decided to part ways before things got too serious. That was to our advantage - as over the four years that followed, we decided to explore other people, and relationships. Little did we know, we were cultivating skills and experiences that would set us up for a beautiful and mature relationship together - for later down the road. We stayed in contact and maintained a loving friendship during those three years. He was always the one person that tickled the back of my brain, making it really hard to let go. Then, one New Years Eve, he called me to let me know that ‘life was too short, and he could confidently say that he loved me’. We decided to lean into exploring that feeling together - And the rest was history.” - Jasmine Mauss, Date and Relationship Coach, Matched With Love

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