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Springtime Self-Revival Tips

Renewal, transformation, and new beginnings: spring is in the air! The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and the collective energy is rising back up. How can we make this season a fresh start to our dating lives? How can we transform our perspective around dating in a way that optimizes our success? This month’s blog is all about rejuvenating your personal relationship to yourself and to the dating scene. The emphasis is on making small changes for large transformations. We can choose to re-enter our dating lives with a dedication to renewal, leaving past pains in the periphery as we embrace new opportunities. This spring, let us explore ways to restore positivity around making new connections, birth healthier dating habits, and alchemize our emotional exhaustion into reclaimed hope.

Welcoming Recommitment: Welcome back from your winter hibernation! Many of us take advantage of the colder months to retreat into solitude and quiet, usually putting dating on a hard pause. I mean, who wants to prioritize meeting new strangers when it is absolutely freezing outside? Getting back into the dating scene after a long hiatus can be daunting and anxiety inducing. But this spring, we are getting smart about the reinvention of ourselves and our dating lives. If you are planning to get back out there again, let’s make sure to set the tone and ensure the future vision is immaculate. As things begin to defrost, pick three new ways that you would like to approach dating differently. Start with a bit of reflection - what has held you back from dating success in years prior? Are you willing to switch up your approach? This spring we are doing things differently, and with increased intention. Swipe right on new opportunities and say “yes” to more dates. In the next few months, commit to being a better initiator and agree to taking more charge. Lean in to new opportunities and connections that you wouldn’t have otherwise challenged yourself to before.

Micro Improvements: What version of yourself do you want to create for this spring? What old parts of yourself have you been meaning to transform? Time to revive, refresh, and restore old stagnant beliefs and habits, and create a version of yourself that you would fall in love with. Time to bring in the “new”. Pick a new cologne or fragrance that better suits you. Drink more water and be kinder to your Bumble matches. Get that haircut that you’ve been putting off, add some updated pictures to your dating profiles, and purge your space of unwanted junk and clutter. Oh and please, while you’re at it, call your therapist back! Making micro changes to our lifestyle and behavior (that we feel proud of) can free up emotional energy and mental capacity for new beginnings. When we make small, positive, and empowering adjustments, our entire approach to dating and relationships can make a remarkable shift. We show up with more confidence, more self assuredness, and we regenerate ourselves in a way that we feel proud of then sharing with others.

Slowing Your Roll: This spring, make an effort to slow down and take things in stride. An important reminder about change is this: transformation is often a slow, ongoing, and ever-evolving process. It is a series of choices and changes; of mini-additions that you add into your repertoire of self advancement. And rest assured, it doesn’t just happen in the Springtime :) The small changes we have described above definitely require a degree of courage and commitment. It is important to be patient and loving towards yourself as you recommit to healthier habits and renewed opportunities. Refrain from putting pressure on yourself to have everything figured out. Take things day by day, and take things date by date. Making a conscious choice towards action is the first step in supporting ourselves in becoming a person who is ready to receive love and companionship. The most important step you can ever take, is simply just the next one.


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